Cretin Mouth – Live at the Q: 10/16/17

The Cowboys played with this band in their hometown of Roanoke, VA. The band consists of Bubba (guitar/vox), Terri (drums), and Killer (bass). I recorded this performance on my cell phone.

13 tracks. 25 minutes. Not sure of all the song titles but I got most of them on the download. Picture by Cretin Mouth, layout by the Chode.

Cretin Mouth LIVE



Cowboys LP

Selected from Volumes 1-3 (Oct. 2013-Nov. 2014), mastered together 2015. Length: 34 min.


1. Thumbs
2.┬áCome All Ye’ Faithful
3. Marjorie
4. Cindy Lou
5. Brutalia
7. I Spy
8. Silverback Sexdrive
9. She Wants to be French
10. Clown Car
11. Tysus
12. Mint Condition
13. I Salute the Boys in Blue
14. Cool Beans and Godspeed